Monday, May 17, 2010

Aries symbol....

Today Violeta,Ricardo, and Beatrice Balbaseda looted Aries symbol from Chimera (First kill) i was happy, cuz i killed Dios Latemn and Treasure Golem like 15,15 time, but Chimera drop symbol first time!
BTW... Soledad, the expert female fighter started Hanging guard, at the moment the stance is lvl 16,
She use +5 La Justicia Greatsword with 1S +7ACC

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Experts, new costume, new weapons!

Today, i got my reward from G1, the 40$ Ultimate Points, i bought 5 Karja's Portmanteu VIII. box.

I got...

Milky Bob for Grace Bernelli 1×
Camarylis costume for musketeer 2×
Pan Pan pet box 2×

Ricardo Balbaseda in Camarylis costume

Gema Balbaseda and her new hairstyle

After this... I bought Expert Scrolls from my reward,
After Gema and Pandora going to Master room, finally they are the 7th and 8th Expert member of the family
Also i bought many Upgrade accelators and Veteran Lacquers to upgrade my weapons.
La Emperatiz (riffle) El Sol (bracelet) and Le Noir (robe) succesfully upgraded to +6
Unfortunately La Puerza (bayonet) failed to +6 5x times (ughh..) that bayo stay at +5.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4.1 Loading Screen contest, Scorpio symbol

Yestreday the 4.1 Loading Screen contest's winners are announced, and i am the 1ST OMG!!!
I won the 1st prize and 40 $ worth premium points from PlaySpanThis is my winner entry, my expert female fighter Soledad, who is the defender of the moon..

Also...The Erracan comsumable shop finally unlocked, and i bought 5 Swamp Angler Spinelles.
I got 3 Bog Angler and 2 Swamp Angler, tha last Swamp Angler dropped Scorpio symbol, i was happy!!Cuz i am not too lucky type...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Raid: Bourgogne Palace

Today, me and my clanmates visit Bourgogne Palace in that hope, we will get some nice drops.
Unfortunately....NO....only rubbish(almost)...

We got:

5×lvl 100 Chips
1×Red Rough Stone
1×Conqueror Shotgun
1×Lvl 100 Staff (i forgot the name)1×Veteran Chip1×Blue Rough Stone
2×Blue Arsene ticket recipe1×Red Arsene ticket recipe
thats all...but we will try our luck again.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today, my expert fighter, Soledad, reached Expert lvl 3 in Bahamar Caves, i want to lvl her to Master solo, she can afk easy with pet. I hope she will reach Master soon.