Sunday, October 9, 2011

4th Master: Elena

Yestreday night, Elena (Emilia Giannino) promoted into Master status.
It was a really slow way, because i didnt found any squad i CSA, and didnt play too much with her,
But finally she's Master, I cant make picture because i didnt found any in Screenshots but i made a lot... -_-"

Now i'm focusing on wizard equipement, i want a full Emilia team with Reckless, Sage, and regular Emilias.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Serpent + a New Bracelet

Heyho, in the past month i got "some" new items, i bought gold, and with the Curling perm promotion i got 7 Curling Perm hair, now that hair isnt too expensive, so still wait few months and sell for a higher price..
I sold some C.S items, and got 3.5 billion vis, (with my saves i got 4.6 bil)
Because i didnt found a nice 32ar elem. bracelet, i bought a pretty good 30AR one, with high pene,atk/ar,
+ Found 2 "decent" Serpent Pistol, now i have 4 32AR equipement.
In the past month i just did circus, because atm i dont have a clan, and hard to find a nice squad for Vyron & Castilla
so i just do business ;)

P.S: Elena(Emilia) also reached Expert lvl 10. I know this is slow, but i didnt lvled her...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Bishop: Carlota's new bracelet

Whee! I also bought a nice +7 Black Bishop for my lovely Ele!
I also had a +6 White Bishop, but maybe i will trade it to a 32AR Elemental bracelet...
Carlota can reach 66-67 AR, but this is not too much for me... I WANT MORE! :]

I also did Crow forest, and the another Forest raid, the drops was "so-so" a lvl 100 shotgun, and red stone, and a Expert EXP card, i used it for Carlota (f/ele) who is now Master lvl 2. I know it is not too much, but in this summer i didnt lvled my chars too much, only Elena (Emilia) who reached expert lvl 7.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sword2: Revelations

Sword2 yestreday released "Revelations" Expansion.
My favorite feature is Custom Wing craft, and name change.
Maybe i will rename my Valleria from Irina to Estella or Isabella :)

Today i finished Castilla Mine, Crow Forest (the one with cursed NPC's) and the other Forest mission.
The drops was way better than Castilla Mine, i got 2 Le Noir ele recipe, 3 96e armor recipe, red rough stone, and few 100 items.

Other: I upgraded my White Bishop bracelet, and now the Cash Shop costumes is TRADEABLE! I sold 5 swimwear costumes for 700 mil, this is not bad at all :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

White Bishop

YAY! Yestreday i got my first 100e LoE bracelet! White Bishop for Carlota, so this is my 2nd 32AR Equipement!

Maye i will rechip, but i think the stats isn't too bad :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Castila Mine/Circus

In July 2. i finshed Castilla Mine raid, with very horrible drops, this is why i didnt like Castilla Mine, 0.0001% to drop DHr
in roulette.... Or any symbol... bleh... The drops was 1 Ancient Ruins. yellow stone, Grim Wraight, 2x Gold bar, a 96 chip...

This day i finished circus too (hard to find any ppl) with Pegadilla family's Calypso, me and Pegadilla finished circus whitin 20 minutes, the drops was great, 9 100 chip, 3 vet chip, 1 red 1 yellow and 1 blue stone, and 2 items of course....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

kGE update: New NPC's

kGE introducting 5 new characters!!!! New area "Rosengarden" and new Demonic armor set.

First character: Rudineun(???) She is Leonele's youngest sister, after her 11th birthday she went to Byron.

She is a fire-base elementalist

Second new character is: Alchemist of Byron(???)
She is basically a scout, but with her expert stance she can combat with a magical book,

Third-Fourth is Natalie & Daria, two female soldier, they are same as Romina/Rescue Knight

Fifth: Ralph Lauren, the bounty hunter, his weapon is a Crossbow, like Calypso.
Ralph Lauren it's a player-designed character.
He is the winner of the 2011 jGE Character Design Contest.

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Serpent EVER!!!!!!!!4444

Halleujah!!! Finally!! Ever!! I got my first SERPENT equipement!!
My first Serpent is a +7 Serpent Riffle, i need to rechip, but atm this is enough good for me (better than my old +6 Trump bayo)
So atm i'm so happy! I this week i just did cirus, but i will do Castilla Mine!
Now my goal is a Black Bishop... But first i will get enough money, the bayonet cost 1.4 billion was, so this is a cheap price for a +7 40 atk bayo, this is enough good i think, at the moment i just have 430.000 vis... But i want to sell my old trump bayo...

[Violeta and her "pretty" new toy]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asoka the Troll.

I was inactive... again... because i still dont have 32 AR weapons, i cant spend real money on this game,
So at the moment i am so nOOb, but soon, i will train Elena to master, in the past week she reached Expert Lvl 5..
ATM i cant upload screenshot... :(
I also wanted to get Asoka, but she is too overpriced... FFFUUUU

Saturday, April 2, 2011


This week i started to train Elena (Emilia).
I traded my Pisces symbol to a Scorpio symbol, and i bought Enhanced Tactics stance book for her..
Meanwhile i bought a +6 3DR Le Noir for Wizard for 700 mil, i think this is not too expensive for a well statted armor.
Elena's ET is lvl 17 At the moment.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Renaissance Loading Screen Contest

[The evil princess of the Hell]

G1 announced the winners, and voila!! My entry is one of the top 10 winners (yay)
So, with this, this is my 3rd Loading Screen in the game! :)
My rewards are: 3×30 day Crystal Wings, and 400 G1 credit,

Another news in my family.... Irina (Valeria) reached Veteran level,
In Castilla Mine Mission i Looted a Taurus symbol,
And Dios Latemn dropped a Pisces symbol (first time
And I upgraded my Elite Broomstick to +6

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valleria joined to the family!!!

Finally i recruited Valleria!!! I never want to do this quest again! So now i just want to relax, and check Valleria's pretty long hair!
I named my Valleria "Irina" after Irina Lazaraenu .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expert Reckless!

Tonight Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) Reached Expert level!
Now i just need to get Aries symbol to get Madness!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vanessa's new toy!

Meanwhile Vanessa (crazy Emilia) reached veteran level 10.
After my Secret Area Pass end, i check'd the Market Manager and i found a pretty nice Elite Broomstick!
It is really cheap for 150 mill i think, better atk than Trumps, it has only no speed, but this is not problem for me...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Master Elementalist!

Huhh... It takes forever.... But today my elementalist promoted to Master! Now i can farm more exp card for Reckless!
But today, the card collecting was horrible.... Thanks to the Maintenance.... I hope i didnt waste my pass...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Veteran Crazy Emilia + Castilla Mine

After 3 days active leveling, Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) reached veteran..
Now i need to find a nice Caebolan SA squad, to farm enough cards, and promote Vanessa, & Carlota (f/ele) to master..

Today i also joined to a Castilla Mine raid mission, it was fun, i like this new roulette system,
but the drops isn't was too great, i got 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green rough stone, 1 84e Albaes, and 1 Pizarro, and 1 Ancient Relic...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy Emilia joined to the family!

My most favorite character finally joined to the family!!

The fight isn't was too hard, my fighter tank her, musk shoot her behind without any problem..

My Crazy Emilia named Vanessa :)

Welcome to the Renaissance!

Sword2 Finally updated Version 5.0!! Huhh, we finally got acces to Reckless Emilia,
and my favorite feature is: Tradeable Secret Area Passes/Wing coupons! The players who can't buy gold finally can acces to these places! (and can get wing of course)

My first, i check the new features, like dress room..
I visited Castilla 1st Garrison, and started the quests (but i didnt understand them, because my english is poor sometimes)

I also tried Reckless Emilia's mission too.. that was surprise too me, because she isn't too tough
My fighter tanked her with +6 3dr 2e armor, she just need a better GS because she didnt hit her with +6 92e
but with 64 AR/DR i down her hp to 25%, today i will try again with better equipement..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Renaissance Loading Screen Contest

Heyho! I know i didnt play too much, but i decided to enter to the Renaissance Loading Screen Contest...
My entry introducting my ele, Carlota, who is the princess of the hell, i really like her pose, so elegant and the skirt bounce... Aww...

I added darker liptstick, and red eyes for the more devilish look..

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sueno Persa costume

Hello again! Long time no see.. so...
I designed few costume for "Official Costume Designer Contest"
The newest one is for Lisa Lynway, the costume name is "Sueno Persa" wich means Persian Dream.
I designed also a side-plait wig for Lisa.

Sorry for the horrible quality, but my pencils are *** and i cant turn off my flash on camera...