Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Bishop: Carlota's new bracelet

Whee! I also bought a nice +7 Black Bishop for my lovely Ele!
I also had a +6 White Bishop, but maybe i will trade it to a 32AR Elemental bracelet...
Carlota can reach 66-67 AR, but this is not too much for me... I WANT MORE! :]

I also did Crow forest, and the another Forest raid, the drops was "so-so" a lvl 100 shotgun, and red stone, and a Expert EXP card, i used it for Carlota (f/ele) who is now Master lvl 2. I know it is not too much, but in this summer i didnt lvled my chars too much, only Elena (Emilia) who reached expert lvl 7.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sword2: Revelations

Sword2 yestreday released "Revelations" Expansion.
My favorite feature is Custom Wing craft, and name change.
Maybe i will rename my Valleria from Irina to Estella or Isabella :)

Today i finished Castilla Mine, Crow Forest (the one with cursed NPC's) and the other Forest mission.
The drops was way better than Castilla Mine, i got 2 Le Noir ele recipe, 3 96e armor recipe, red rough stone, and few 100 items.

Other: I upgraded my White Bishop bracelet, and now the Cash Shop costumes is TRADEABLE! I sold 5 swimwear costumes for 700 mil, this is not bad at all :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

White Bishop

YAY! Yestreday i got my first 100e LoE bracelet! White Bishop for Carlota, so this is my 2nd 32AR Equipement!

Maye i will rechip, but i think the stats isn't too bad :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Castila Mine/Circus

In July 2. i finshed Castilla Mine raid, with very horrible drops, this is why i didnt like Castilla Mine, 0.0001% to drop DHr
in roulette.... Or any symbol... bleh... The drops was 1 Ancient Ruins. yellow stone, Grim Wraight, 2x Gold bar, a 96 chip...

This day i finished circus too (hard to find any ppl) with Pegadilla family's Calypso, me and Pegadilla finished circus whitin 20 minutes, the drops was great, 9 100 chip, 3 vet chip, 1 red 1 yellow and 1 blue stone, and 2 items of course....