Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas guys! 

Since my last entry, i didnt do too much things, but i got some news..
First, with the alphabet event, i promoted Altagrazzia,Violeta,Vanessa,Carlota & Elena to Master lv. 10, 100%. Without that exp, cards, it was impossible for me, because i am so fool.. ;)

I also got few Angel weapons, and Dragons, with pretty decent stats, aand.. A Jewel polearm, from Xmas event's Raiden Definance box, the 2nd time.. :)

Violeta/Elena/Carlota in their Santa costumes.

Altagrazzia/Paola/Soledad, and their racial. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Asoka + Alphabet event

Heyho! In the past days i looted alphabet boxes non-stop, and then i exchanged my letters into Diamond tokens, and finally i bought Asoka! I feel lucky, because my friends spend 8-9bil to get her... I think this method was way cheaper!  Now my goal is expert Altagrazia(Asoka) i bought her Stance book also. 
Now i think i keep my boxes, and try to get enough tokens to Pyrite Bangle(33 AR Fire Bracelet) wich cost 30 Diamond Token. Because Carlota (f/Ele) Lost one of her LoE-s... 

I also obtained 11.vol Pose Guide, and exchanged many non-used alphabets into Angel boxes, wich didnt drop any nice...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

6th 7th & 8th Masters

Hello all! In the past weeks, G1 gave instant Master cards to all accounts with +8 family lvl, i used it to Beatrice (Helena) Pandora (Romina) and Irina (Valeria) Romina and Helena has the Master Awakening... Valeria still Expert.

I also finished Castilla Mines, and started Ruins quests.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

5th Master

Heyho! Yestreday night Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) finally reached master!
I was not too active, because Bristia's GMT Trollin' me...
In this week i just did circus, and few Bounty Hunter..
Tatiana (C. Torsche) Also reached Expert, Irina (Valeria) reached Veteran level 8.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragon's Lumiere Rod!/ Tatiana

Few days ago i saw this rod in mm for a really cheap price (300 mil) So, i bought it, because i don't have any wizard weapons, Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) Reached expert lvl 8 using CAA EXP cards, & Xworld PVP exp points..
After a while, i succesfully upgraded my rod to +6, (i dont have more vis to upgrade +7 ATM it is enough to me)
I tried to enchant too, i got only 40%atk and 22% SP, now need to farm more chip to get better options like ATK, AR or Racial.. Her Madness also reached lvl 24.

Tatiana (Catherine Torsche) also started to lvl, she maxed Raid Assault, and reached Veteran level 5.
She also leveling together with Paola (Calypso) & Irina (Valeria)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Holy Water & Catherine Torsche

I know... I dont have too much self-confidence, but today i tried to finish finally that bloody Holy Water Quest, and i did!!
So after.. I tried Catherine Torsche too... And win.. o.o
My tachtics was "Lucky Puch" event items (like Principal Ampules)
Violeta (F/Musk) used her human Serp Pistol, Carlota (f/ele) Used her AR OCP Brac >.< (+ Lv. 11 Barsel) So i "killed" Catherine Torsche fast... Now i'm focusing on Viron questline...

My C.T Was Named to Tatiana (English sux) I also bought her Belle de Joue costume.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

+7 Black Bishop

Happy New Year!!! (it was late i know)

Since Elena (Emilia) Mastered, didnt happend too much things in my family,

Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) Mastered Madness, and reached Expert lvl 4.

I also got a new bracelet for Carlota, who mastered Augury too. And Reached Master lvl 3 (slow,slow)

Now i'm farming EXP cards in CAA. Me Gusta!