Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

In the past days.....

In the past days, i got Nana Artozeia & Le Dignitaire for fighter costumes.

(i love these costumes, TOO sexy *.*)
I love the female fighter's decolletage, and the metallic shine! OMG!
Nana Artozeia looks like a light, transparent curtain, with sexy designs, and the shoes! ROAR!
Virgillia (vet.f/ele) & Soledad (exp.f/fig)

Also...Few days ago Gema & Pandora Balbaseda reached vet lvl 10, 100% they need only 2 expert scroll

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gema & Pandora 1/2

Yestreday, Gema (Grace) reached Vet lvl 100% & Pandora(Romina) reached vet lvl 10 66%.
The new 100% EXP buff event i'ts so useful, cuz i can get daily 25~35% in Bahamar Marsh (without buff daily 10-15% x_X)
And... i need 2 expert scrolls too, but atm my family it's so poor, but i can't sell nothing in broad/mm. etc.
I hope so, i will be luckier in the future!

.:Leveling in Bahamar Marsh:.
Elena, Gema, Pandora

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Costume, New Armor

When Portmanteu costume box I. released, i bought few, and got 3 (Bugged) Cineraria costume.
They was in Premium Item/Misc inventory.
Few days ago i wrote to G1 (I submitted a ticket) about my problem.
24 hours later G1 replace my old Bugged costumes to the fixed version.
I was really happy, cuz i got 3 Cineraria,
Catalina (exp. ETS) Already got 1 Cineraria costume...
I gave one to Elena (vet.Emilia Giannino)I sold the other 2 costumes in MM for 950 mil/ea

..:Catalina & Elena showing Cineraria costumes:..

after, when i sold my costumes, i bought E.D.C and E.B.F armor recipes.
For 900 (EDC) and 650 (EBF) million vis.
The EDC finally crafted,
I will craft EBF when i get Triumph filler, they are expensive on Bristia.

I will rechip and upgrade the EDC!