Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Serpent + a New Bracelet

Heyho, in the past month i got "some" new items, i bought gold, and with the Curling perm promotion i got 7 Curling Perm hair, now that hair isnt too expensive, so still wait few months and sell for a higher price..
I sold some C.S items, and got 3.5 billion vis, (with my saves i got 4.6 bil)
Because i didnt found a nice 32ar elem. bracelet, i bought a pretty good 30AR one, with high pene,atk/ar,
+ Found 2 "decent" Serpent Pistol, now i have 4 32AR equipement.
In the past month i just did circus, because atm i dont have a clan, and hard to find a nice squad for Vyron & Castilla
so i just do business ;)

P.S: Elena(Emilia) also reached Expert lvl 10. I know this is slow, but i didnt lvled her...