Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Level up!!!!!!

Today Gema & Pandora Balbaseda reached veteran lvl 10 and 9.
After level up, they celebrated it with a big bowl Goulash in Frozen Plain.

Elena(Emilia Giannino) Gema (Grace Bernelli) Pandora (Romina)
Elena it's a member of this team, but she is only vet lvl 7

Monday, March 22, 2010

Raid: Bourgogne Palace

Today 3 expert and 1 veteran from MagyaRock clan started Bourgogne Palace raid.
It was hard cuz this is a Master lvl Raid. But we completed the raid!

The Families who joined to the raid:

.:Perverz:. (expert musk)
.:Puttonyos:. (expert fig)
.:DiRivombrosa:. (veteran scout)
.:Balbaseda:. (expert musk)

Few Images from the Raid: (this is not much i know)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

La Emperatiz

Today i sold my +5 Lvl 100 Black Dragon Riffle 26 % ATK 28% Speed 1s 7ACC for 500 mil,

After... I check the market and bought 25 MP 11 mil/ea, Amrita 16 mil/ea (broad) and Blue Ticket recipe 75 mil, this is= 430 million vis. I asked WingGundam family's Karjalain to craft my Blue Arsene Ticket. and i exchange the ticket to La Emperatiz riffle. This riffle is much better than my old +5 Black Dragon, and it was cheaper, i only need to +6 this riffle & my other trumps too. I think my next Trump weapon will be La Emperador 1h sword, or La Justicia (Greatsword)?

Well, my musks finnaly got pretty good shooting weapons for Flintlock.My expert characters with their Trump weapons.

Carlota (f.ele) El Sol - LoE Bracelet
Violeta (f.musk) La Puerza - Bayonet
Ricardo (m.musk) La Emperatiz -Riffle

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Family

The Balbaseda Family
Server: Bristia
Family Lvl: 26+3
Clan: MagyaRock Clan

Characters: 25
Experts: 6
Veterans: 11

Carlota Ricardo Vivian Violeta Soledad Catalina
Gema Pandora Elena Augustin Paola ConstanzaVeronica Lupita Virgillia Bimbetta Analia HildaYesica Catherine Jacqualine Patrizio Esmeralda MemitoBeatrice

In the past months.....

Hi guys! I did not write for a long time, the blog was forgotten, but i will restart!

But I write the more important events down now!
December 28.2009
Explore Occulta Dungeon, and finished the Expert Stance quest.

December 29. 2009.

Violeta (Fem, musk) Soledad (Fem. fig) Catalina (ETS) reached Expert status

And Getting Flintlock stance book for Ricardo (Male musk) & Violeta (Fem. Musk)
Equites Stance book for Soledad (Fem.Fig)

January 5. 2010

Virgillia (Le Blanc f. ele) reached veteran status
She is my 3rd female ele
Virgillia(f.ele vet) Carlota (f.ele exp) Veronica (f.ele vet)

February 25 2010.

Sword of the new world Updated to 3.4 version
1.finished the Arsene Circus questline
2. Got Ania character card
3. Got Helena character card Violeta vs Celine at Bourgogne Palace (questline)

Accomplished Ania quest,
Carlota(exp f.ele) Violeta(exp. f. musk) Vivian (exp f. scout)

February 27 2010

I crafted my first Trump Weapon : El Sol LoE bracelet

Trump weapons are lvl 100 Unique , they got 30% atk 30% speed +1AR base stats

March 3 2010

I crafted my 2ND! Trump weapon: La Puerza bayonet for Flintlock!

March 6 2010

Ania (Analia) lvling up to Veteran status, starting Dignite costume quest.

March 16 2010
After farming Red Quality Cloth in Errac Tierra Dias and getting Amrita and White Cloth in Errac Tierra Noche, i crafted my No.1 Le Dignitaire Costume for musketeerVioleta & her new Dignite costume

Carlota (exp ele) Violeta (exp musk) Vivian (exp scout)