Thursday, June 30, 2011

kGE update: New NPC's

kGE introducting 5 new characters!!!! New area "Rosengarden" and new Demonic armor set.

First character: Rudineun(???) She is Leonele's youngest sister, after her 11th birthday she went to Byron.

She is a fire-base elementalist

Second new character is: Alchemist of Byron(???)
She is basically a scout, but with her expert stance she can combat with a magical book,

Third-Fourth is Natalie & Daria, two female soldier, they are same as Romina/Rescue Knight

Fifth: Ralph Lauren, the bounty hunter, his weapon is a Crossbow, like Calypso.
Ralph Lauren it's a player-designed character.
He is the winner of the 2011 jGE Character Design Contest.

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Serpent EVER!!!!!!!!4444

Halleujah!!! Finally!! Ever!! I got my first SERPENT equipement!!
My first Serpent is a +7 Serpent Riffle, i need to rechip, but atm this is enough good for me (better than my old +6 Trump bayo)
So atm i'm so happy! I this week i just did cirus, but i will do Castilla Mine!
Now my goal is a Black Bishop... But first i will get enough money, the bayonet cost 1.4 billion was, so this is a cheap price for a +7 40 atk bayo, this is enough good i think, at the moment i just have 430.000 vis... But i want to sell my old trump bayo...

[Violeta and her "pretty" new toy]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asoka the Troll.

I was inactive... again... because i still dont have 32 AR weapons, i cant spend real money on this game,
So at the moment i am so nOOb, but soon, i will train Elena to master, in the past week she reached Expert Lvl 5..
ATM i cant upload screenshot... :(
I also wanted to get Asoka, but she is too overpriced... FFFUUUU