Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Big day!!!! My first master!

Hello guys!Today was the first annyversary of my first Expert character: Vivian the scout!
After 1 year since my first expert, my first MASTER born also! She is my female fighter, SoledadAfter 13 days, she reached Expert lvl 10 100%, she started lvling in Baha AA since exp lvl 5.
When she reached master, me and my clanmate (Perverz family) and another guy (Ersa family) going to Circus, and tried our new +6 Chess GS!The Circus was very very easy with a Master Grenmah (Perverz) and a Master fighter, (Both HG)
The Drops was great, we got tons of Rough Stones, 1×red 3× green 5×blue 1×yellow. Arsene drops "great" items too.
My Fighter is master, but 7 Days left from Home Premium Service, i will start powerlevel Paola (Calypso)
Maybe she can reach expert in that 7 days.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Expert Emilia Giannino, AA,

Two days ago, Elena Balbaseda reached Expert status. Emilia Giannino is one of the rarest Expert+ character.

She learned only Bard atm, but i will get Tactical Assistance, and Enhanced Tactics too!
Elena and her twin sister, Catalina (exp.ETS) Finally i have two expert Emilias (different Emilias, but Emilias)
b'cuz i am the biggest fan of Emilia, i want Sorceress Emilia too! :)

And... After Emilia reached Expert, Soledad (exp. fem.fighter) going to Bahamar AA.
Today Soledad reached expert lvl 6, and she looted 1SS and 2OCP!