Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragon's Lumiere Rod!/ Tatiana

Few days ago i saw this rod in mm for a really cheap price (300 mil) So, i bought it, because i don't have any wizard weapons, Vanessa (Crazy Emilia) Reached expert lvl 8 using CAA EXP cards, & Xworld PVP exp points..
After a while, i succesfully upgraded my rod to +6, (i dont have more vis to upgrade +7 ATM it is enough to me)
I tried to enchant too, i got only 40%atk and 22% SP, now need to farm more chip to get better options like ATK, AR or Racial.. Her Madness also reached lvl 24.

Tatiana (Catherine Torsche) also started to lvl, she maxed Raid Assault, and reached Veteran level 5.
She also leveling together with Paola (Calypso) & Irina (Valeria)