Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the past month!

In the past weeks i just did circus, BH and Torsche Basement, i tried also Prison Basements too...
But the drops was awful....
I also joined to the Calacirian Faction/clan.
 I also bought a +5 Platinum Controller to my  Catherine with 2AR to Summons, with 3S 6 Pene each.

In these days, people can't get VIS without spend any real money on this game.
Unfortunately T3 removed (almost) everything from Cash Shop/Feso Shop.
I will miss my Pink Lollipops... :( 
But.. We got also a Playtime event!!  De Laphite costume set.... I'm happy :)
From now i take a rest with Vanessa, Nuria & Beatrice in Gigante/Bahia port. And collect the points!

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